Music Tips for Your Next Party

You are planning a party and you need it to be the best. Everything is in place and the invitations are out, all you need to decide on now is the music. With millions of songs to choose from, you might end up with a headache. If you are hosting a party soon, this is a music article for you. Here are tips to get you up and running.


Know Your Crowd

The first thing you need to know is the type of crowd you are expecting. What type of music do they like? Music usually goes with age and preferences. If you are planning a party for your teen son or daughter, then the music ought to match the current teenage tastes. Remember, if no one will feel the music, you might end up with an empty hall a few hours into the party. Knowing the crowd sounds such a simple thing to execute, but most people mess it up all the time.


The Kind of Gear to Play Your Music On

So, what kind of gear are you planning to bump the music on? The kind of crowd and the size determine the gear you choose. If you are planning a huge party, then a DJ would be the best option. On the other hand, if you are going to have a small party, then hiring a musician would make sense, especially if the crowd comprises adults who like their music slow.

If you know a friend who can DJ for you, then it is a plus. If you don’t have one, you can get one from a local club or get online and search for one. DJs are looking for such gigs all the time, and you can find a decent one for a few hundred dollars. The payment will depend with how long you want them to play the music for you.

If you can’t afford a musician or a DJ and all you want is some music, you can use any device that plays music. A laptop, iPod or Zune will give you the experience you need. The advantage with using a laptop is that you can download additional tracks when you run out of music. If one of your friends requests a song and you don’t have it, all you have to do is search for it and download it to add it to the playlist.



Now you have the gear and the music you need. The next tool you must have is a set of speakers. Don’t use those pathetic laptop speakers you use in your room – get a set that delivers the right sound – good treble and heavy bass so that you can get people to the dance floor.  The speakers should be loud enough to reach every person in the room, but not loud enough to make noise for neighbours.


Quick Takeaway

You can use professional party planners to save time and effort. However, you must be actively involved so that you get a party that will not only suit fulfill your desires but leave your audience asking for more. Music is the glue that holds every party together; make sure you get the right music for the right audience.