Lifestyle and Travel Habits of Musicians Cause Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the issues that affect many musicians. Whether you are playing cello, bass, violin or guitar, you are at risk of developing back pain. One of the top reasons that lead to this kind of pain in musicians is the lifestyle and travel habits that musicians go through. Let us explore the different habits that contribute to lower back pain.


Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy musical equipment can lead to herniated discs, otherwise called back strain. This refers to one of your vertebra that gets thrown out of space. The resulting swelling pushes against the nerves and causes you chronic pain. This condition can take very long to heal.


Poor Posture

Regular poor sitting posture leads to loss of the natural spinal curves in musicians. Instead of the natural curve, you end up adopting a forward curve to play the instrument. Adopting this posture over a long period stretches the muscles and ligaments in your back, which in turn lead to weakening of these components. The result is pain and tension.

Another poor posture is the one that is always used by musicians who play while standing, such as violinists. The head is usually forward, the upper spine is pulled slightly back and the pelvis pushed forward. This posture is a potential cause of problems.


Excess Weight

It is difficult to eat right and exercise while you are always travelling day and night. Excess weight usually gets deposited around your belly, which ends up placing a lot of strain on your lower back due to the imbalance that arises.

Excess weight works concurrently with lack of exercise. As you travel the world, you find it hard to exercise. Back muscles need strength-training for them to remain strong. They also need a steady supply of blood flow and oxygen to work perfectly. One of the best ways to keep these muscles relevant is to perform strength-training, which is virtually impossible while you are on the road, performing gig after gig.

As a musician, you spend hours on end on the road, experiencing a lot of downtime. This inactivity makes your back muscles weak.

Another cause of excess weight is poor eating habits. Most musicians don’t mind about diet, surviving on junk food most of the time. This contributes to build up of fat, which in turn leads to excess weight.


Compromised Sleeping Patterns

Travelling day and night, changes in work schedules and sleeping in different beds each other day leads to lack of enough sleep. This in turn leads to sleep deprivation and fatigue, which contribute a lot to muscular pain.


A Tight schedule

A travelling musician doesn’t have the time to sit down and think of visiting s physician when he has a concert in a few hours’ time. This means that the musician has limited options when it comes to handling back pain while on the road. The best thing they do is ignore and hope that things get better.


Handling Back Pain

There are various ways to handle pain while on the road. The first approach to successful treatment is definitely finding the root cause of the issue. If, for example, the pain came by because of lifting heavy weights, you need to refrain from doing this as you seek medication.

Most of the visits to the doctor end with a prescription for NSAIDs, which might work or they might not. An additional problem with these drugs is the potential addiction that results. You might end up getting hooked to NSAIDs for the rest of your life. This can become disastrous.

According to – One of the best ways to handle lower back pain is by use of CBD oil. This oil works fast and doesn’t have the psychotic effects of most drugs. You don’t get high; instead, you treat the symptoms of back pain and relieve the pain. This oil comes in various preparations including tinctures, salve and more.


Final Words

Don’t let back pain spoil your illustrious career. You need to understand the root cause of the back pain and find a way to stop it from progressing. Make sure you use the right treatment as per instructions. One of the top treatment options you have is CBD oil. Use it as per instructions to get the best out of it.