5 Tips on How to Succeed as an Independent Music Artist

If you believe you make catchy, soulful, and overall grade A music, why not put your foot out the door?

While you have that option, you do not have to approach big-time music directors and have them take you under their wing. If you want to fly solo in your career as an independent music artist, go ahead.

To establish a name in the indie music scene, here is a music article that can provide loads of useful advice.

1. Commit to the Responsibility

First off, you need to accept the responsibility of an independent music artist — and then commit to it. As a soloist, you lack the privileges of a professional director’s guidance and support. And thus, you need to manage your time accordingly by prioritizing affairs that can further your music career.

For some inspiration, take a look at the careers of Childish Gambino and Freddie Gibbs. Because these indie artists understood that owning up to responsibilities is the starting point, they have gone to great heights. If they can do it, so can you.

2. Focus on a Signature Sound

Another helpful advice is to be unique. Instead of somehow mimicking the style of other music artists, be confident in your own voice. Doing this allows you to stand out, and be known for a signature.

For example, one artist is known to use his own lyrics while using classical music. Despite liking his style, you need to come up with a signature technique.

While it is considered safe, leaning too much on the approaches of successful artists defeats the purpose of uniqueness. Just use the wisdom that successful predecessors can give, but make sure not to let that wisdom dictate your own career.

3. Branch out

Do not hesitate to branch out, too. This means that you should welcome the idea of playing gigs beyond the usual venues. Consider the opportunity to play at festivals, parks, schools, and festivals.

Not only does this increase the people in your existing network; this also grants the chance for a major record label to discover your music!

4. Leverage the Internet

The next tip is about marketing your music via the internet. Because it’s home to over a billion music lovers worldwide, you should take advantage of the internet.

You can do so by:

  • Creating a Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and other social media accounts solely for your music — and ones that you will update regularly
  • Creating a blog solely for your music — and one that you will update regularly
  • Using email marketing to disseminate information about your music
  • Joining online communities of indie music artists
  • Connecting with fans/other aspiring artists

5. Stay Persistent

Lastly, stay persistent and strive for more. Continue to work hard and elevate your name in the independent music scene.

Moreover, if you have experienced a share of success and you want the good streak to remain, avoid taking your achievements for granted. Instead of following the paths of one-hit wonder indie artists (e.g. Aqualung, Semisonic, Blind Melon), be passionate — and if need be, rekindle that passion.

Final Thoughts

Succeeding as an independent music artist can be difficult, but not impossible. With the right attitude, making it big is a doable achievement.

And once lots of audiences can already recognize your name as an indie music artist, remember to thank the people who have helped you. Regardless of how little their part is, they were instrumental to your success.